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Tourist attractions Bucovina

One Day trips (sightseeing on a 2-hour drive radius around the town of Suceava)

Leaganul Bucovinei Boutique Hotel organizes on request monastery tours for its clients.

Bucovina has seven churches and monasteries included in the UNESCO patrimony (Moldova, Voronet, Humor Probota, Arbore, Patrauti, St. George Church of the St. John the New of Suceava Monastery), the Sucevita monastery is going to enter the UNESCO patrimony. 87 churches and monasteries are in the cultural patrimony out of which 43 wooden and 44 brick work (brick and stone).
Access: the easiest way to visit the monasteries is by car; the most of them are at a distance of 30 minutes driving from one monastery to another. The boarding house Leaganul Bucovinei organizes one day trips with a car and a guide.

-Arbore Church
Location: 30km NW from Suceava

- Humor Monastery
Location: 35km west from Suceava

- Moldovita Monastery
Location: 70 km North West from Suceava

- Probota Church
Location: 45 km South East from Suceava

- Sucevita Monastery
Location: 45 km North West from Suceava

- Voronet Monastery
Location: 30 km West from Suceava

The pottery center from Marginea
Location: 45 km North West from Suceava (near the Sucevita Monastery)
Marginea, situated near the Sucevita Monastery is famous for its pottery tradition. Black ceramics, which is produced manually here, keeps alive the Geto-Dacian pottery techniques, transmitted from generation to generation.

House-Museum Solca
Located on the access road to Arbore Monasteries, Humor is a representative monument in terms of traditional architecture and the folk culture and civilization from Bucovina. The house corresponds to the type room - passage - room with look - out and loamed veranda. The kitchen has a traditional oven with hearth and stove reconstituted by means of the heating typology of the area.

House-Museum Bilca from the ethnographic area Radauti
in the locality with the same name being representative for the settlements from this area. The interiors are furnished with traditional furniture racks, wooden seats, dishes, inside textures (rugs, peasant woolen carpets) decorating the walls of the box and the big house. Wood and ceramic objects, household inventory complete the house inventory. The house was donated by George Muntean and Adela Popescu.

Campulung Moldovenesc
Location: 60 km South West from Suceava
Train station: Campulung Moldovenesc.
The small forestry town from the 14th century offers access to some beautiful places for travels in the mountains Rarau as well as ski trails in winter time. Here you can visit the Museum of the Wooden Spoons (Gheorghe Popovici Street 3) and the Museum of the Wooden Sculptures (Route Transylvania 10).

Fundu Moldovei
Location: 70 km West from Suceava
Nearest train station: Campulung Moldovenesc
The village, located at 10 km west from Campulung Moldovenesc is famous for artisans in wood sculpture as well as for icon painters on wood and glass.

Vatra Dornei Resort
Location: 90 km South West from Suceava
Nearest train station: Vatra Dornei
Web: / resorts / Vatra_Dornei
A sophisticated spa resort at the time of the Habsburgs, nowadays Vatra Dornei is a tourist destination for summer and winter activities.



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