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Hotel rooms
Suceava, Bucovina

Leaganul Bucovinei Boutique Hotel Suceava ("Pensiune") has 8  doubles and 1  suite, as follows:

   3 standard rooms, without terrace (16 - 20 square meters)

   5 deluxe rooms, with spacious terraces facing the garden (20 - 25 square meters the room and 12 square meters the terrace)

   1 large suite with spacious terrace facing the garden (60 square meters the appartment and 20 square meters the terrace)

All rooms are fully fitted at modern standards, have en-suite bathroom (shower, hot running water) and cable TV.

Large suite with terrace (60 sq meters room plus 20 sq meters terrace)

Deluxe room with large terrace (25 sq meters room plus 12 sq meters terrace)

Standard room (16-20 sq meters room, no terrace)

Our garden

Our garden

For a more rustic option, we also offer you “Grandma's Cottage”, a simple, traditional, clean cottage, situated right next to Leaganul Bucovinei Boutique Hotel.

Grandma's Cottage awaits you with 3 rooms: a large room with 5 beds with en-suite bathroom, a room with 4 beds and one with 3 beds, the last two rooms sharing a bathroom and a kitchen. Cable TV, separate garden, parking.

For those who prefer a simple no frills and cheap accommodation, Grandma's Cottage is the perfect place. This property is also managed by us and meals can be served on request at Leaganul Bucovinei restaurant.

                                Leaganul Bucovinei  Boutique Hotel Suceava                                  
                                  Tel 0740 828 888 / 0740 419 704 / 0230 541 011;
                                                Fax: 0230 541 011
Address: Bd. Sofia Vicoveanca Nr. 18, Suceava 270284 (after the entrance in Suceava when coming from Bucharest on the left-hand side). Click here for directions.                        

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